Sleeping Habits and Baby News!

Hey y’all! So sorry I have been kinda MIA the past two weeks. I have had some serious nausea and migraines during this pregnancy, and looking at a computer screen is hard when my head is exploding on the inside and light makes it 1 billion times worse. Anyway, today I’m feeling okay and I have already missed two weeks, so I didn’t want to miss another one especially with our news we found out!

First, I should tell you a little story about my sleeping habits. They are horrible I toss and turn all night and don’t really sleep as much as I just lay there trying to sleep. But sometimes I do fall asleep for an hour or 3 and it’s great. For me! For my awesome husband, not so much!


He came home for lunch this week and I was just cooking and talking and showing him pictures of baby things and then I finally stopped and looked at him and asked, “Do you have a black eye? What happened?” To which he replied, ” Yes, I have a black eye, it took you long enough to notice.” Again, I asked what happened and he then tells me that I did it in my sleep. The saddest part is that right before bed I was telling him about the studies I read about married people sleeping better than divorced people. Yeah! I think he disagreed. Anyway it’s yellow, purple, blue, and pink today. I felt so awful but it was also hilarious so I laughed and cried and mostly laughed, but so did he.

In other news in our household, our sweet little one is healthy and growing. We did a blood test that tells us all sorts of health risks and whether or not there are any genetic disorders and praise the Lord, there are none. We have a healthy baby coming!



Also, on that same test they can now tell the gender of the baby at 10 weeks! Isn’t that crazy! I thought it was. We decided that we didn’t want to know the gender and by we I mean I decided that I didn’t want to know. However, Caleb wanted to and the more we talked about it the more I wanted to know. Then my sister and I went shopping for baby stuff and I broke down. I wanted to know weather or not to buy ballet flats or basketball shoes. So, when the Dr. got the results Caleb surprised me and went to pick up an envelope with the test results in it and we opened it at lunch. And…..we are having a sweet little girl! I am already decorating and starting to get ready for her. I am making a bagillion paper flowers for her room and getting so excited.


How has your week or past two been going?  I’d love to hear! 


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