Granola Crunch

One of the all-time best quick healthy snacks I have ever made is Granola Crunch. It’s easy to assemble you don’t have to cook anything and it’s delicious!

Cereal: Chex
Chocolate Chips (I prefer the mini ones)
Craisins( optional you can do any dried fruit)
Banana Chips

Add one cup of each ingredient to a large gallon-sized ziplock bag
Shake to mixYou can keep it in this bag or you could put it in small tupperware or ziplock bags.

I usually opt for the ziplock bags because I don’t have enough tupperware, but that’s obviously the better option.

P.S. You could also have this as breakfast for those mornings when you don’t have time or you forgot, carry this with you and it’s an easy snack, on-the-go meal, or breakfast.


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