Hurry Up Little One

I just can’t stop staring at all her lil sonogram pictures. Last week we got even more pictures and it’s so weird/awesome/cool/creepy/surreal/humbling/wonderful to see her on these sonograms. I seriously don’t know how people did this without getting all these cute pictures before they even get here.

I am getting so excited for her to be here. On our way to the church today to drop Caleb off with the college students he was talking about how we are about to be a family of 3 and I really can’t wait! Today marks 31 weeks and it feels like the next 9 weeks are going to go by so slow, but I know it will be faster than I think…I’m just so ready to meet her.

Hurry up little one I’m ready to meet you & see your face & kiss you & cuddle & go on adventures with you & Daddy & listen to you & Daddy make up funny little ditties about my cooking & learn your little personality & teach you to be uniquely you because that’s how God is forming & molding you right now & share with you about how much more He loves you than Momma & Daddy even could…and that’s like way more than to the moon & back x’s infinity & beyond, I am just so stinkin’ excited to meet you!


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