Proverbs Study

Hi! If you don’t already follow our blog I want to invite you to join in. I recently encountered a group of women from all over doing a study together as well as being a prayer group and I instantly thought about our Thirsty Thursday posts. I have wanted to have a Proverbs Study/Prayer Group of women for soooooooooooooooooo long, I honestly can’t even tell you how long, at least 4 years. I started it once with three other women and when we all took turns in different seasons of life we kind of drifted apart. We had such a desire to meet and pray with one another and to bring the Word to life in our own lives by living out what God has called us each to, but we didn’t do the greatest job with keep up once we decided it was time for a change. We check in with each other once in a while and catch up, but I desire a group of committed women to study and pray and hold each other accountable.

So, I have been brain storming. I honestly believe this has been such a desire of mine and I know God has laid on my heart but He has not given me any clear vision of what it looks like… until now. With that said, I am totally open to ideas and suggestions on how to do this the best way.

Here’s what I am thinking: At first I wanted to wait until the first of next month to get this started just because it’s easy to start on the 1st, but I don’t want to wait and don’t think I should either, I have wanted to do this for about 4 years, so why wait any longer, right? So, I’m thinking the 15th.

The criteria and what it looks like in my head: I want a group of committed women that want to spend time in the Word (whether you have been or not, you can start today!). I want to do this with a group of women who are totally down to fellowship every once in a while together (maybe coffee, dinner, walking at the trails, etc.) a group of women that are committed to praying for one another on a regular basis and who are actually praying for each other and not just saying they are (no judgement if you’ve done this before….I’ve been guilty of it). But I want us to make a commitment to do so.

Basically I want to do this with a group of women who are ready to dig in to the Word, who are willing to give up a night every once in a while to meet together, hold each other accountable, pray for each other, and who are active participants in our discussions and group activities.

I know that sounds like a lot to ask, but really it’s not. I just ask that you are committed to following what God has called you to and if you don’t feel you should join in this study…please don’t! There is nothing worse than doing something outside the direction of God and I am hoping and praying that every lady that joins in this study/prayer group will do so out of a calling to be a part of the body through study/prayer/fellowship with other women.

What do you need to do in order to join in this study and prayer group? Sign Up here: 


You’ll get a daily post reminder with what we are reading and the prayer requests from the group, as well as the discussion question(s) of the day. You don’t have to answer the question every single day, but at least once a week would be helpful in engagement within the group. It will be in a format sort of like a short devotional.

I will send out daily reminders on Instagram and the Blog. Invite your friends and let’s gain some wisdom together through daily time in Proverbs & Prayer..what do you say? Anyone want to join in?


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