32 Weeks “Bumpdate”

Baby Update:

I haven’t shared in quite a while. So here goes…

I am at 32 weeks this week! AHH!!! That’s still crazy to me that in about 8 weeks I am going to have the sweetest little girl ever and I can’t wait!

We had a Doctor’s appointment a few weeks ago and shocker! I haven’t gained as much weight as I should be. It actually is a lot harder than people think to gain weight when you are pregnant and sick for most of it! I am reminded of it every time someone tells me how cute and little my belly is. They don’t know that they’re a reminder of the worry that goes along with not being able to gain like I should, so I don’t get mad. It’s just hard some days especially when I do feel good and I feel like I am eating for 2…elephants…and nothing happens. But HOPEFULLY this Wednesday after our HOPEFULLY last sonogram we will get a good report of how big she’s getting and how we’re both gaining an appropriate amount of weight. I am praying for that!

If we’re not, I think we will have to go on a much more strict schedule of checking on everything and I’ll probably be worried even more than I am now. Even writing this right now is a reminder and wigs me out and makes me think about it. BUT I keep reminding myself of 1 Peter 5:7 (you might want to check that verse…I could be wrong, but I’m pretty positive that’s right). It says “…casting all your worries on Him, because He cares for you.” I keep preaching that to myself over and over and telling myself that I can cast all my worries on Him because He truly and deeply cares for Caleb, Little Miss Lain, and I.

Other Random Thoughts:

It’s such a huge responsibility being a parent. I am already nervous and already terrified of the hard parts (example when she’s old enough to date….I will have a heart attack probably). I am already praying that she will grow up to know Jesus and have a relationship with Him. It takes faith to a whole new level when you start to think about your children knowing Christ! Seriously! It’s something you don’t really think about until it is in your life and then you can’t not think about the giant responsibility you have to teach them how great our God is and how much Jesus loves them. It’s crazy to think about!

What are some things that were a big deal to you leading up to having your first child (adopted or biological)?



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