Ramen & Sausage

This is seriously the easiest recipe in the entire world and it’s the cheapest dinner you will ever make…(I think).

In our house we love Asian food. I actually told my husband I felt like an Asian the other day (that might sound racist, but I just mean we eat a lot of Asian food) and I assume that other Asians have a lot of the same food and spices in their houses as we do.

This is not a tradition dish by any means, actually I don’t even know if anyone else eats it, but we got some sausage crumbles from one of our family members a few weeks ago and I didn’t feel like cooking (Shocker! I’m pregnant so I literally never feel like cooking). Anyway, I heated the sausage crumbles and set them aside. Then I made both of us (I did Chicken Ramen and he did Beef Ramen) a bowl of Ramen Noodles. I really love these things…the Creamy Chicken is my most favorite! I’ll probably hate them after I give birth, but I love them now.


Back to the recipe. I also always cook in either small diced onions or the dried ones you can buy in the spice section at the grocery store and chives (sometimes both), but I think it gives a better flavor and makes me feel like they are somewhat healthier with onions and chives (probably just a lie I tell myself).

Basically, I cook the noodles, onions, and/or chives together, heat the crumble sausage that is already cooked (you can also buy regular sausage and cook it beforehand into crumbles) and then add the packet of seasoning to the mix. That’s it and it is delicious! And you get protein with your Ramen! To make it a little bit healthier (I hesitate to say anything about healthiness when it comes to Ramen noodles because they really aren’t at all) try the low sodium ones with your sausage.




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