This Blog…

I have used my blog for many many…many! reasons. I have used it to teach women about blogging, business (direct sales, etc.), random thoughts, my “Biblical thoughts and insights” pretty much anything you can think of. I still obviously occasionally will post about all of those topics but I have been praying/thinking through exactly what I want to share through this blog. I love that it’s my “piece of the internet” and I can quite literally post anything I want to…but I want to hone in on a more specific thing(s).

Bible Study Thoughts…Women’s Faith Lifestyle…Testimonies…& My Family & Home

I went back and read a post I wrote for Christian Women Bloggers a few years ago and I was kind of amazed at myself. The reason I was blogging       “To prayerfully and purposefully reach a secular & non-secular audience with hopes of telling them about a wonderful Savior and also encourage other believers” That’s what I wrote and somehow after I changed the blog to “our” blog and started sharing more and more about business related things I completely lost focus.

So, moving forward in this blogging adventure…

My goal is to prayerfully and purposefully reach a secular & non-secular audience with hopes of telling them about a wonderful Savior & ALSO encouraging, building up, joining with, and having community with other Christian Women who blog/don’t blog. I also hope  that one day my sweet baby girl (and other future kiddos..Lord willing) will read this and look back at some of the memories and be reminded of how richly God has blessed us (tearing up right now…excuse my emotional postpartum self). I hope that she will not only remember how awesome, wonderful, and loving HE is, but I hope that she will also have this desire to encourage and build up and know the importance of community among believers.

That’s a little bit of a change…I know…but I have this desire for community among Christian women. It’s been a desire that has been on my heart for…well…a really long time. And I obviously love and desire this to be something that speaks to my little one.

By the way…she’s the best thing EVER! Here’s a quick little pic:

Screen Shot 2016-08-11 at 9.38.25 PM
The most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my entire life. Thank you Jesus for this little wonderful masterpiece you gave us!

Her birth story is coming soon…it is taking me forever to write…A LOT happens in those few hours! But I hope that my detailed account will be helpful to other soon to be mommies and encouraging to others.

Pray for me.

I’m changing things up and that’s a little bit scary. But I am so excited…

P.S. I will also be collaborating with other women who have the same desires and I can’t wait for you all to hear what they have to offer!



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