Friday Favorites #2


Here we go again. Friday Favorites #2

I would really love to hear your’s each week.

This week:

Product Spotlight: My favorite product this week, I actually started using about 6 weeks ago. It’s called HYDRA-V by Artistry. It’s a 3-5 step skin care system. I have used almost all their skin care systems in the last 4 years & this one (I think) is my favorite. 

Weekly Dose of Sparrow: This week my favorite moments with Sparrow have been in the mornings. She has started smiling really big when she wakes up. I tickle her tiny belly & chin and it is just the sweetest little thing. I also love right after she’s done eating when I burp her on my shoulder then she falls asleep and gets really cuddley. Then I ust squeeze her and kiss her chubby little cheeks. And oh that mohawk! Love!

Joy Comes in the Morning: This week the thing that brought me the most joy was Caleb. He has been working so hard at work and then he comed home and still takes Sparrow and spends time with her and gives me alone time. And he does dishes and washes bottles and cleans and I can’t even comprehend where he gets the energy to do all those things. I am literally worn out more than ever in my life, and it’s a serious struggle to get things done and he just does it all. He is the best husband and daddy! 

What’s the Word?:

This week I have been studying Ecclesiastes preparing for that study and I can’t just pick one verse. But it talks about everything being vanity and striving after the wind. I have struggled to live like that even this week. We have so many things that pose as “important” or “have to’s” or “must have’s” in this world…especially in America, but they are all vanity and striving after the wind. And the hardest thing is living with that mindset for all things but the Kingdom.

Insta Lovin’: If I could buy every pattern in thos dress for Sparrow I would and she can’t even fit in them yet! 




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