Friday Favorites #4

So, it has been forever since I have done a Friday Favorites. I actually had just started it and then life got crazy. I will write later on the craziness, but let’s just say, I had a baby, started a new business, my husband was diagnosed with leukemia, and our lives are crazy. BUT I have been feeling the need to blog and if for no other reason, just to process my thoughts and my life lately. So, here’s some Friday Favorites. I have also started a new project (I know, shocker! Like I don’t do that every other day)…I’ll share soon about that and I am continuing with Friday Favorites, but it won’t be as uniform as I had thought it would be. I’m thinking just a Sparrow story and a few other things.

Weekly dose of Sparrow:


She is the BEST! BTW she is 7 months old now. I can’t even believe how fast it has gone by. Y’all she has been such a trooper. She stayed with us the last hospital stay the entire time and did GREAT! I love her so much! She is such a ham. The doctors, nurses, techs, and everybody just loves her up there and she totally hams it up. I think she particularly likes a few of the nurses/techs better than others, probably because they come and talk to her and have spent more time around us since we have been there, but it’s awesome. I love watching her interact with other people. She also eats baby food now! (cue, momma’s sad face). She absolutely loves food, except for peaches, she actually cried when Caleb fed them to her and wanted nothing to do with them. She is the most mild tempered baby in the world, I kid you not! Her favorite toy is still Ms. Pinky, but her little Lamby is up there. I haven’t figured out how to keep her face and neck from chapping any suggestions mommas? She drools from teething and she rubs her face in everything when she has tummy time so there is not getting around it. I have tried diaper cream, vaseline, coconut oil, and lotion. Any other ideas?

A Few Other Things:

My friend Sharalee has a cupcake biz called Cupcake Inc. and can I just tell you that I don’t even like cupcakes…BUT I literally crave these. I haven’t ever had a cupcake as perfect and I have had them on multiple occasions and they are always the same amount of greatness. For the Valentine’s Weekend she is also doing homemade chocolate covered marshmallows and strawberries. I highly recommend you hurry and order before Valentine’s Day is gone.


Another note that has to do with baked goods, but not about Sharalee’s amazing cupcakes is that there is going to be a Bake Sale at Plains Capital Bank on Valentines day. They are raising money for our friend Jennifer Brinkmann who was in a terrible car accident in early December that has left her with several broken bones, and a very long road to recovery. Praise the Lord that she is going to recover though.



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