About the Lains


Lain, Lacy

Lacy is a Jesus lover and follower. She loves to encourage young women in life and in business. She is wife to Caleb and soon to be momma to a sweet little girl, who will remain nameless until she’s born because they can’t agree on anything. She is an entrepreneur at heart. Her current business allows her to teach, coach, and blog. Praise the Lord!

She loves crafting, house projects, remodeling, decorating, baking, gardening, spending time with her wonderful family, and friends, running, singing, and homesteading. She is a “Jack of all Trades” and after a long journey with the Lord is so thankful he made her this way.


Caleb is a Jesus love and follower. He is husband to Lacy and soon to be daddy to a precious little girl. He is a contemporary worship paster and in charge of foreign missions and college students. He has a passion for people and sharing the love of Christ with everyone.

He is a wonderful teacher. He’s a “country boy” at heart and loves hunting (yay! free food), traveling the world, and kayaking. He is a leader in his home and in life. God has blessed him in so many ways and often he doesn’t even see it.


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This year at the beginning of July Lacy and Caleb welcomed their first daughter, Sparrow Delle, into the world. She weighed all of 4 lbs. 13oz. and was 18 inches long and at 4 weeks premature she was perfect. God knew exactly how early she would be and molded and formed her teeny body and all it’s parts in His perfect timing for her to arrive.

Sparrow means having worth and not forgotten by God. Delle is a mixture of O’Dell after Lacy’s grandfather and Dale after Caleb’s father. Both men created a legacy of following Christ, serving others, and teaching their families the importance of having a relationship with Jesus. This has been crucial to Caleb and Lacy’s walks and they pray that Sparrow Delle will always remember that she has worth in Jesus and she is never forgotten by God and that she will continue that legacy in her own life. She is the most precious baby. They are so in love with this little girl (I’m sure if you stick around very long you’ll get that idea).